Please find below our appearances on different media platforms including international television, local and national radio. If you are interested in further media appearances, please contact Sarah.

In October 2018, Sarah was asked to appear on Roundtable, a news television programme produced by TRT World. The discussion focused on the effectiveness of Animal Assisted Therapy as well as appropriate qualifications of handlers.

In December 2018, Sarah was invited to support the Mercedes Benz Vans UK research into companion animals on the road. She spoke to various radio stations to provide her knowledge and expertise on this.

The UK’s professional drivers spend on average 17 hours completely alone on the roads each week. It’s little surprise, then, that almost a third (32%) of these drivers choose to battle against loneliness and poor mental health by taking their dogs on the roads with them. In fact, 19% take their dog everywhere. But exactly why are so many of the nation’s drivers dog lovers?

For BBC Tees interview (9/12/2018), please start at 1h 21m.


Sarah was asked to provide a quote on the benefits of pets for Hello! Fashion magazine’s “Feel Good” issue, February 2019.